In the spirit of modern life

For the first time, when we came to see an apartment in Gagarin Square, we were met by a wonderful woman, the mistress of this house and the mother of two adult daughters. The atmosphere of a holiday was in the air, and future repairs were discussed as a long-awaited and joyful event for the whole family. They gave us to understand that we have carte blanche. In honor of the significant date, they opened champagne – that’s how it passed.

The 3-room apartment with a total area of ​​80m2 was a copy of our personal apartment, for which the design project was carefully designed, the layout was drawn, the smallest details and possible pitfalls were thought out. Our ideal house was perfect fit in the image of the interior for three active modern ladies.

We made some changes in the layout, offered to unify the bathrooms and make a large bathroom, and also to tear down the wall between the kitchen and the living room, to equip a small storage room.

The whole apartment is in the same style – light and gentle classics. Perhaps the only thing that immediately catches your eye is the bright commode at the entrance of the color of ripe strawberries, which attracts attention.

We must say that we were very lucky with the customer. This is the case when the work of the studio was built on trust and respect. When we completed the repair process, it was such a joyful event that in honor of a new life a housewarming was organized, and we were no longer just guests, but kind friends. What can be more valuable than happy new settlers?