New classic in interior

House design surprises with combination of materials, wood and stone handcraft, and outstands with pleasant balance of interiors. The owners had clear vision: everything in their family seat has to be unique, one-of-a-kind handmade items. The best construction gangs, stone dressers, cabinet-makers and mahogany workers have been hired in order to implement this idea.

Furniture in classic style, natural stone and wood finishing were required to be put together. This appeared to be a challenge, the rooms were made even stylistically different though not controversial. In general it was new classic and art déco. Variety of decisions on such a huge area of almost a hundred square meters has been an advantage.

Living room stylized in American classic. It is decorated with illuminated stained glass artwork executed upon architect sketches. Second floor is occupied by private area: bedrooms with a large common lobby and a kitchen.