Three bedroom apartment for a young family in contemporary style with pop-art elements

Client’s preferences might be very unpredictable. Young family couple dreamt of bright red or yellow fridge from Italian brand SMEG. Main points of the interior design were the following:  bright, simple and functioning. Lovers of heavy music from 70-s giving preference to sneakers, jeans, sleeveless vests, such people need relevant life environment with elements of significant music icons and preferably with a large kitchen to cook at home.

In this project it was decided to change planning solution with arrangement of opening in a bearing wall. The decision was not easily taken but out of all proposed options, everybody by common consent picked the most difficult to implement option.

On each our meetings the clients asked us to add depth to the colour, make interior more and more bright. It was very difficult to find the balance, not went too far with contrasts, and not turn the interior a-la “kinder garden”.