Loft elements in contemporary office

Initially empty office premise with three big windows went 25 meters deep wards. The studio had a particular task – to locate 25 employees in three departments. The clients were focused on interior design in loft-style. It was obvious that only adequate planning solution was able to turn narrow deep space into center of business activity. The studio unified contemporary style with loft and hi-tech elements. The concept was named “Loft light”.

Organic office environment arose on the base of perfect and open-to-eye structures, rust and steel finish, presence of glass partitions and contemporary furnishing composed of furniture of regular shapes. Indoor plants introduced colour, life energy and emphasized care for employees’ health.

Conference room and offices of two directors are made more comfortable and cozy than other rooms. Conference room designed for 8-10 seats, and can accommodate up to 30 people due to NAYADA movable partition.