Contemporary loft with separate entrance to the apartment and small garden

The owners are young, active and spend much time travelling, prefer social life and house parties. Their apartment shall become a territory of everlasting feast with the sense of absolute freedom.

The idea to create loft-style design came inevitably: this approach opens maximum possibilities for implementation of interior with suitable character. Ultra-contemporary, functional, laconic, light, very dynamic – it has played in unison with metropolis symphony, in the very heart of which located this apartment.

Typical loft-type décor represents concrete imitation in wall finishing and looks rather flossy in subdued lighting. Despite impressive total metric area, lobby and kitchen area are quite small: this allowed to accommodate a large lounge on the first floor perfectly fit to hold parties and meet friends. Here are presented the most famous names in interior design. Baxter lighting fixtures, Minotti sofa, Cantori armchair, Molteni table, drwer unit from Diesel+Moroso duet, Wall & Deco wallpaper.